September 21, 2016



System for external flashlight

Yet another joy of modern technology and intelligent design applied to a flashlight.
Thanks to its modularity and extremely easy installation, the radio receiver and antenna are quickly integrated into one single product.
All you have to do is choose the type of flashlight and your product is complete.
If you decide to use the built-in radio receiver, you can store the transmitters simply by using the controls on the case.
DSL: the new hallmark of your automatic gate.



An infrared beam is generated on one side of the automatic doors opening and pointed at a photocell across the opening to the other side of the door opening close to the floor of the doors. If this beam is ever broken by a car,a cat, a toddler, etc. while the door is coming down, then the motor reverses and the door goes up. That way the door will never crush anything when it gets to the ground. Or if you don’t pull the car into the doors far enough, It wont come down on the car and damage it.



Key selector

key switches for your automatic sliding doors, and automatic swing doors. 
These key switches have the functions of automatic mode, hold open mode, one way mode, or off mode, and can either be used on new installations or to replace your existing automatic door key switch that maybe faulty or worn.We also provide momentary key switches which are used on automatic sliding doors for morning entry access.


Remote control

Dominates any type of system with the ease of a simple gesture that touches an object of high design. DOMINO is reliable and user-friendly with its ergonomic small (but not too small) buttons. You can attach it to your key ring or secure it in your car using the fastening system included in the blister pack.
With the nifty accessories you can personalise your remote control in your favourite colour, in fact, the covers are easily interchangeable in just a few seconds.
DOMINO: the modern way of using the most advanced safety devices.