December 6, 2016

Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles are used where an access attempt by using sheer force is expected to be a factor. What immediately full height turnstiles make it obvious is the fact that one cannot cross by jumping under or overt. In these types of turnstiles, strength rather than an esthetic’s has been stressed as a priority. Main Types Of Application Prisons And Correctional Institutions When full height turnstiles are installed at entry and exit points, no persons without the proper access authorization can enter or leave the site or the building.In this type of installation the carelessness or negligence of the staff responsible for the door security play no role since these turnstiles operate with card readers. Stadiums And Sports Facilities These facilities require an expensive ticket for entry.That’s why the full height turnstiles for these types of installations are designed and manufactured to make sure that they cannot be pushed or broken open by muscle power. These units convey the message that it’s not worth taking any risks for any unauthorized access since it’s not physically possible. Shopping Malls And Multi-Storey Office Buildings In the garage entrances usually full height turnstiles with 3-arms are used since they allow comfortable access. Its disadvantage, however, is the fact that it allows for passage of two persons at the same time.Yet, this is not a situation that requires people to payer buy a ticket first. The main idea here is to make sure that the people who enter the shopping mall or the office building from the garage have access right for entry. The person with the proper access authorization will help his or her friend enter as well. Full height turnstiles are used in every other similar situation where the only criterion for entry is authorization for access. In addition, they are also used to weed out and control excessive crowds at a given area like a meeting hall or a metro station. For these types of turnstiles there is no need for a card reader.But since only one person at a time is allowed for entry,pileups are prevented. With these types of systems,one can control the number of passengers entering a station by locking the turstile through remote control. The day, hour, and minute the access was provided and the identity of the provided are all recorded electronically by the computer. In addition, the full height turnstiles are constructed so tough that they cannot be pushed or pried open by sheer human strength.

turnstiles are designed to excel in both internal and external environments. However, for applications in very humid or dusty settings, custom-designed turnstiles with optional features are available if the appropriate specifications are provided at the time of the order. turnstiles are ideal for both unidirectional and birectional passages which can be free or access- controlled. Even though access in both directions can be controlled by a card-reader, the authorized security personnel of the client can override that setting for card-free access during certain times of the day. turnstiles allow free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the customer wants the turnstiles remain locked during such an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client. However, once set at the factory, the system then cannot be switched back to the emergency-exit state by the client and it remains locked during all subsequent power failures. The rotational direction of the turnstile arms during entries and exits alike is regulated by internal sensors. The smooth centering of the turnstile arm after a pass-through is accomplished by a spring mechanism and hydrolic shock absorbers.

Operation : Configurable in both directions, providing both entry and exit with manual push.
Body Aisi : 304 certified stainless steel (EN 10082-2 Grade 1G/2G).
Head and Arms : 304 grade stainless steel. Option of painted sheet metal rotor.
Features : Bi-directional access information monitored by electronic microprocessor, opening and closing intervals, configured via electronic card.
Mechanism : Monoblock construction mechanism with control cams that are treated with AISI 304 gradestainless steel.
Power Supply : 220 Vac 60 Hz Switch mode supply. Max 50 Watts operational power. Max 24 Vdc internalvoltage.
Environmental Specs : -4 / +122 F° /(-20 / +50 C° ) temperature range. Can operate even in -40 F° (-40 C°) withthermostat-equipped optional external heater. Rated for Max 95% humidity.
Emergency Mode : In power failures or when an emergency signal is issued, the rotor and theturnstile arms turn freely without any resistance to allow free access.
Ceramic heater, external, adjustable
Electronic counter
Manual controled: No motor/wiring