September 20, 2016

Swing Gate


Irreversible linear electromechanical operator for swing gates

KUDA  is the new operator in 24Vdc with encoder for swinging gates. Its up-to-date design and its moderate dimensions allow to install it in all the residential ambits, where it is necessary to safeguard and set off the aesthetics of the gate.
The high quality of its components makes KUDA the operator more noiseless than ever. 
Its movement, always fluent and fast, is constantly under control thanks to the encoder technology, as the integrated anti-crushing function assures its high degree of safety.
KUDA is easy to install, thanks to its simple self-programming procedure. 
At the same time, the technology at 24Vdc makes it suitable also for an intensive use. 
Moreover, the handy optional batteries kit can assure the opening and closing of the gate even in case of an extended black-out.