September 20, 2016

Swing Gate



Linear hydraulic operators for swing gates

The TOP series range is suitable for any type of installation and for both residential and heavy use for leaves up to 6 m. The streamlined design and absolutely silent operation make the operator suitable for any type of gate.
The vacuum hydraulic circuit prevents air heat exchange and hence possible formation of condensate, thus guaranteeing hydraulic efficiency of the piston over time.
The opening and closing force can be regulated by means of the overpressure valves for the highest level of safety against crushing as required by the  EN 12453 standards. 
The models are available in three versions: Always Released (SLAC): in manual manoeuvres the leaf is not slowed down by the presence of the piston. Always Locked (BAC): the piston assures excellent hold and can be released simply by acting on the unlocking device, also available with European Profile personalised key (optional).
Always released during opening and always locked during closing (SLA-BA): ideal for large leafs where locking when opened is required (wind resistance).